The New Jersey PACE Race

In the context of “the race for PACE” — i.e., the race to get the program started, spreading out in New Jersey and scaling up to meet the demand; as well as the “race” between municipalities, and between New Jersey and other states — it seemed only natural that we’d sponsor a PACE race. We first had this idea last summer, and mentioned it on our crowdfunding site. But now, with the help of our Director of Engineering Rafael Melendez, we have a concrete proposal: a 15-mile race, in two categories, a 24K individual runner’s race, and a three-part relay, from Stewartsville to Belvidere in Warren County, some time in late September / early October, with some concluding festivities.

Here’s the proposed route (as of 4/11/15; the starting-point and other aspects of the route subject to change):

We could include some kind of outdoor fair at the end, showcasing state-of-the-art conservation, renewable, and resiliency products, but we’re still not quite sure how to do this (this idea may fit better in connection with a conference on introducing PACE at another time), or simply a party. But it seems important to have something at the arrival end for folks who are not running but want to meet the runners at the finish line.

Some of the elements that will be needed:

  • Approvals
  • Agreements with local authorities
  • Date
  • Decisions on pricing, etc.
  • Sponsors and sponsor packages
  • Public announcements
  • Sign-up forms
  • Signage
  • Water stations
  • First Aid
  • T-shirts
  • Numbers
  • Concluding ceremonies
  • Party


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