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NJPACE Qualified Investor Questionnaire

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New Jersey PACE is seeking qualified capital providers interested in structuring and underwriting NJPACE financing, including project investors, "assessment certificate" buyers, and tax equity investors. This will help us understand your interests and requirements for financing specific projects, purchasing Assessment Certificates, pooling or syndicating Assessment Certificates, or otherwise supporting the industry. 

The information provided here, unless otherwise specified, will be used to link investors, property owners and contractors to develop well-structured transactions for qualified energy efficiency and renewable energy projects sourced through NJPACE in commercial, industrial, institutional, and multifamily buildings.

Our role in enabling an open market for NJPACE financing includes:

  1. Designing and administering technical and financing guidelines on behalf of participating municipalities
  2. Sourcing and responding to project proposals that arise through NJPACE outreach and initiatives
  3. Assisting commercial and industrial property owners in developing eligible projects
  4. Providing opportunities for tax equity investor participation

NJPACE will not provide exclusivity to investors. Property owners retain the right to choose the type and provider of financing that works best for them. Because the NJPACE program will be an open market, whether or not a capital provider is selected through this questionnaire to be eligible to respond to NJPACE-sourced projects, any qualified investor will be able to source their own NJPACE projects and submit them for our approval.

All information submitted here will be treated as confidential. Qualified capital providers may be listed, along with their publicly-available information, on our web sites, and may create their own entries on our Alliance site.

Required company information

Investment interests

Select "Project funder" if you provide construction or installation financing only or in addition to long-term financing.  Investors seeking only registered assessments on completed projects are considered "certificate buyers." 

Qualifying information

Optional Additional Information

Failure to answer "Yes" to any of the questions below may disqualify you from participating in NJPACE financing:


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