For Contractors

Energy contractors are the main source of projects for PACE funding. Here are the key steps that contractors should take in order to access PACE financing:

There are many industry standards, licenses, and certifications for different kinds of contractors, so we do not approve or recommend specific contractors. We do however work closely with contractors who join our Premier Membership program, to ensure that they have the preferred certifications and technical training, and have early access to developments in areas where they specialize.

Contractors should also be aware that we advise property owners to verify references and credentials, and that we operate on behalf of the municipal governments that have chosen to participate in the NJPACE program, and are therefore require to enforce their standards.

PLEASE NOTE: Our web site is being updated to conform to the provisions of the new PACE bill (A1902/S1611) currently in the works. Many aspects of the site are subject to change. Contact us if you have a project or a question. Thanks.

2 thoughts on “For Contractors”

  1. I am the owner of smart energy services, we offer renewable energy and energy efficent retrofit. we are located in NJ. I currently partisipate in the C-PACE program. How would I start using the PACE program for NJ?

  2. Thanks for your inquiry. We will meet with you and work with you to bring in clients, connect them with lenders, and approach the municipalities for approvals. We look forward to working with you.

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