Eligible Measures

The following is our proposed list of eligible measures. It is subject to revision as needed. If you feel additional measures should be included, please contact us and let us know.

System Subsystem Measure
Renewable – Thermal Energy
DHW Service water Solar thermal water heat
HVAC Heating Solar thermal space heat (hydronic)
Process Pool Solar pool heat
Renewable – Electrical Energy
Photovoltaic PV Grid-tied PV System
Wind Wind Grid-tied wind turbine
Microturbine (Renewable fuel) Microturbine using renewable fuel Grid-tied microturbine
Internal Combustion Engine (Renewable fuel) Internal combustion engine using renewable fuel Grid-tied internal combustion engine
Fuel Cell (Renewable fuel) Electric-only fuel cell using renewable fuel Grid-tied fuel cell
Hydro Low-Impact Hydro Any commercial installation below 30 MW
Non-Renewable – Electrical Energy
Fuel Cell (Non-Renewable fuel) Electric-only fuel cell using non-renewable fuel (e.g. natural gas) Grid-tied fuel cell
Cogeneration (Combined Heat and Power or CHP)
Microturbine Microturbine with Cogeneration Grid-tied microturbine with heat exchanger for cogeneration
Internal Combustion Engine Internal Combustion Engine with Cogeneration Grid-tied internal combustion engine with heat exchanger for cogeneration
Fuel Cell Fuel Cell with Cogeneration Grid-tied fuel cell with heat exchanger for cogeneration
Energy Efficiency Measures
Domestic Hot Water (DHW) Water Heater Efficient Unit Replacement
Water Heater Domestic Hot Water Pipe Insulation
Commercial Kitchen Pre-rinse Spray Valve
Commercial Laundry Ozone Laundry System
Pumps Efficient Unit Replacement
Pumps Trimmed impeller
Pumps Installing VFD & controls
Envelope Doors Reduce Building Infiltration
Walls Insulation
Roof Insulation
Roof Cool roof surface
Roof Green roof installation
Roof Replacement to support renewable systems
Windows High Performance Windows
Windows Window film installation
Lighting Fluorescent Efficiency Improvement
Compact Fluorescent Efficiency Improvement
Induction Lighting Efficiency Improvement
Cold Cathode Lamps Efficiency Improvement
HID Efficiency Improvement
Bi-Level Fixtures Replace existing lighting in Stairwells and Garages with Bi-level Lighting fixtures
Exit Signs Replace existing with LED / LEC exit Sign
Exit Signs Replace existing with self-luminescent
Interior Lighting Replace existing with Induction or LED
Exterior Lighting Replace existing with Induction or LED
Street Lighting Replace existing with Induction or LED
Daylighting Skylights
Controls Demand Response Controls
Controls Lighting scheduling controls
Controls Daylighting controls
Controls Occupancy sensors
General Delamping
HVAC AC / Split Systems / Heat Pumps Efficient Unit Replacement
AHUs Airflow distribution improvements Air Destratification Fans
AHUs Economizer (Air or Water-side)- Repair or New Unit
Boilers Burner upgrade
Boilers Combustion fan VFD
Boilers Economizers
Boilers Efficient Unit Replacement
Boilers Heat recovery
Boilers Oxygen trim controls
Boilers/Chillers Pipe Insulation
Chillers Addition of Water-side economizer
Chillers Efficient Unit Replacement
Chillers Heat recovery
Cooling Tower Installing VFD & controls for fans
Cooling Tower Replacement or additional capacity
Data Center Air Flow Management
Energy Management Controls Cooling tower fan sequencing
Energy Management Controls Demand Response Controls
Energy Management Controls Improved scheduling capability
Energy Management Controls Sensors calibration/optimal relocation
Sensors Thermostats and other Monitoring/Verification devices
Energy Management Controls Retrocomissioning
Evaporative Cooling Systems Offset existing mechanical cooling
Fans Installing VFD & controls
Furnaces Condensing furnaces
HVAC System (General) Duct testing and sealing
HVAC System (General) Duct testing and sealing
HVAC System (General) VAV system conversions
HVAC System (General) Radiant Heating / Cooling
HVAC System (General) Geothermal HVAC
HVAC System (General) Thermal Storage for Load Shifting
Steam Heating Install/Replace Steam Traps
Labs Reduced ACH
Labs VAV fume hoods
Motors Efficient Unit Replacement
Pumps Efficient Unit Replacement
Pumps Trimmed impeller
Pumps Installing VFD & controls
Ventilation Demand controlled ventilation
Ventilation Garage CO controls
Refrigeration Refrigerated Cases / Walk-ins Addition of insulation
Refrigerated Cases / Walk-ins Anti-sweat heater controls
Refrigerated Cases / Walk-ins Auto-closers for cooler/freezer doors
Refrigerated Cases / Walk-ins Case-lighting Controls
Refrigerated Cases / Walk-ins Defrost Controls
Refrigerated Cases / Walk-ins Efficient evaporator fan motors
Refrigerated Cases / Walk-ins Efficient Unit Replacement
Refrigerated Cases / Walk-ins Evaporator fan controllers
Refrigerated Cases / Walk-ins High Efficiency Display Cases
Refrigerated Cases / Walk-ins Improved Defrost Controls
Refrigerated Cases / Walk-ins Installing doors with low/no anti-sweat heat
Refrigerated Cases / Walk-ins Installing Night covers
Refrigerated Cases / Walk-ins Replacing Door gaskets
Refrigerated Cases / Walk-ins Strip curtains
Refrigerated Cases / Walk-ins Suction line insulation
Thermal Storage Systems Thermal Storage for Load Shifting
Compressors Add VFD and Controls
Compressors Added Heat Recovery
Compressors Addition of Mechanical Sub-cooling
Compressors Efficient Unit Replacement
Compressors Floating Head Pressure Controls
Compressors Floating Suction Pressure
Condensers Efficient Unit Replacement
Condensers Evaporative Condensers
Condensers Floating Head Pressure
Condensers Replace Air Cooled with Evaporative Condenser
Controls Retrocommissioning
Compressed Air Air Compressors Efficient Unit Replacement
Compressed Air Storage Additional compressed air storage
Controls Improved compressor sequencing
Controls Improved scheduling or controls
Process / Plug Loads Boilers Efficient Unit Replacement
Boilers Burner upgrade
Boilers Combustion fan VFD
Boilers Economizers
Boilers Heat recovery
Boilers Oxygen trim controls
Chillers / Cooling Efficient Unit Replacement
Air / Water Distribution System Efficiency Improvement
Fans Efficient Unit Replacement
Fans Installing VFD & controls
Industrial Process Equipment scheduling for load reduction
Industrial Process Process improvement
Motors Efficient Unit Replacement
Elevators Hoisting and Standby improvements
Pool Add pool cover
Pool Efficient Heater Replacement
Pool Pump Reduce/Optimize Flow/Configuration
Pool Pump Replace Motor
Pool Pump Replace Pump
Pool Pump Variable Flow
Pumps Efficient Unit Replacement
Pumps Installing VFD & controls
Energy Storage
Electric Vehicle Charger – Fast Charge Install DC Level 2 or 3 EV charging station
Solar battery backup
Hurricane-Resistant Construction Building Component Hardening Protective Barriers
Flood-Proofing Elevated Construction Protective Barriers
Shelters and Safe Rooms Clean Emergency Backup Systems & Energy Storage Systems
Water Conservation Measures Low-Flow Devices  Waterless Urinals
Water supply and sewer systems upgrades
Gray-water systems Urine Separation Systems Composting Toilets
Alternative Waste-Water Treatment Systems Living Machines Aerated Ponds

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