For Property Owners

Here is a brief information sheet for property owners and tenants addressing the most frequently asked questions about the NJPACE program: NJPACE-Owners&TenantssmNJPACE-Owners-Tenants.

In order to participate in the Program, a property owner must meet and/or complete the following criteria:

  1. The property to be improved must be located in a Municipality that has adopted a PACE ordinance.
  2. The property must be eligible to pay property taxes, or have a property tax ID (this includes non-profit owned property but not public buildings).
  3. The  property must be non-residential, defined as (i) a property the primary use of which is not residential and (ii) a property used for multi-family housing with six or more units.

For a complete list of requirements please see our Services page, and see also the list of Eligible Measures.

We’re currently updating our step-by-step guides based on the latest best practices from around the country. For now, there’s only one step:

1. Contact us, and we’ll provide everything you need.

The following information is provided specifically for property owners:

Qualified Contractors

There are two primary types of contractors that may participate in the Program: auditors and installation contractors.

For complete details on the operation of the program, please see our Services page.

Selecting an Energy Auditor

The commercial building energy audit market is fragmented, with no universally accepted standards for auditors.  Property owners are encouraged to select an auditor with the experience, skills, and accreditation appropriate for their building and project type.  Auditors must be able to produce an ASHRAE 1 or 2 audit in compliance with Chapter 5, Energy Audits, in our Program Handbook.

Selecting an Installation Contractor

The Authorized Improvements must be installed by contractors who meet the eligibility criteria set forth for the specific category of work being financed. The eligibility criteria are:

  • Energy efficiency measures must be installed by licensed contractors who are BPI certified
  • Solar PV and water heating projects must be installed by a licensed contractor on the state or local incentive program list

—or the equivalent licenses and certifications, as documented and evidenced to the Program.

Please note:

If you are a property owner, the Program encourages you to do your research and receive bids from multiple contractors before signing a contract. Neither the Municipality nor the Program Administrator is responsible for determining the appropriate equipment, price or contractor for your property. By establishing these contractor eligibility criteria, neither the Municipality nor the Program is recommending a particular contractor or warranting the reliability of any such installer. The Program is an administrative program only that facilitates meeting the criteria for PACE financing. Neither the Municipality nor the Program Administrator will participate in the resolution of any dispute between you and your installer or equipment manufacturer.