New Jersey PACE Step by Step

PACE was named one of the top 20 “world-changing” ideas
by Scientific American magazine (

New Jersey PACE the Easy Way for:



Property Owners

Capital Providers and Project Originators*

Counties and County Improvement Authorities

*Information to come

PLEASE NOTE: Our web site is being updated to conform to the provisions of the new PACE bill (A2579/S1510) currently in the works. Many aspects of the site are subject to change. Contact us if you have a project or a question. Thanks.

What to do at each step of the program. Where to find application forms. How to set up the program in your municipality (under development). How to find out if you qualify, what measures are eligible, what the current interest rates are, and who to talk to.


  • How to create a PACE program in your municipality
  • What you need to know about doing it
  • What the options and choices are
  • How to get Sustainable Jersey recognition for PACE


  • And County Improvement Authority programs


  • Why register?
  • Where to register
  • Where to submit project applications
  • How to calculate PACE financing costs

Property owners:

Capital Providers and Project Originators:

County Improvement Authorities:

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