Governor Issues “Conditional Veto” of PACE Bill

We’ve just learned that Governor Christie’s office has issued a “conditional veto,” which indicates that he will sign A2579, the PACE bill, but only if significant changes are made. Here is a copy of the veto language: A2579CV. We’re still analyzing this document, and will keep everyone posted on further action.

Our sincere thanks to all those who contacted the Governor’s office to ask him to sign the bill.

2 thoughts on “Governor Issues “Conditional Veto” of PACE Bill”

    1. Hi Walt: We’re every bit as anxious to get PACE launched in NJ, but as you may have heard the Governor’s office issued a Conditional Veto of the PACE bill on November 9. This veto would, in our view, undermine the program from the start. We’re still looking at all of the options, and waiting to speak with the legislation’s sponsors, but we don’t believe that the CV language offers a workable option.

      We’ll be posting our own analysis shortly, and crafting a public statement to be issued at the League of Municipalities Convention in Atlantic City this week.

      We are of course greatly disappointed by this setback, but we will continue to provide an undiminished effort to bring a viable PACE program to the state of New Jersey, and will keep you informed about our progress as we begin to move forward once more. Thanks

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