New Jersey PACE / CRCS Now a 501c3 Nonprofit

The IRS has just issued its letter approving our request for 501c3 tax exemption for the Center for Regenerative Community Solutions (CRCS), parent organization for the nonprofit New Jersey PACE program. This now makes it possible for us to accept (and issue receipts for) tax-deductible donations, apply for foundation grants, and conduct other fundraising activities. A copy of our determination letter is available here:

New Jersey PACE is now ready to undertake its first administrative and educational initiatives on behalf of municipalities in New Jersey. A key element of this is that the services are free to municipalities and impose no cost whatsoever on the taxpayer.


Ultimately the program is designed be self-sustaining, based on a one-time administrative fee included in each project. But to get to this point we will need to acquire the resources to implement and expand the program over the next several months. The approval of our 501c3 exemption is a milestone in this process.

Coincident with this achievement, we’re announcing the creation of an Alliance for NJPACE, a coalition of businesses, agencies, and individuals supporting the development of the program. A separate Alliance web site is currently in beta testing, but is open to interested partners and trade allies. There is no cost to join. We’re looking for active collaborators and industry sponsors, who will help us shape an independent, open-platform application and approval process for PACE projects throughout the state.

If you are interested in being a part of this game-changing conversion of our commercial and industrial infrastructure to clean and efficient energy, with reduced costs and less carbon pollution, please contact us today.


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