Still Waiting for PACE in New Jersey

Status Update

(Friday, September 22, 2017) We’re still waiting for a viable PACE bill to be passed in New Jersey and signed by the Governor. This is certainly frustrating for all of us, but we have two important messages for you if you’re a contractor, a property owner, or a capital provider:

    1. We’re 98% certain that we’ll see PACE in some form in 2018, so now’s the time to do some planning for it
    2. We have developed two alternatives to PACE that don’t require state legislation or municipal approval (see below for details)

As New Jersey’s only nonprofit open-platform PACE administrator, we’ll provide ongoing updates here on our own planning: one or more events, partnership announcements, and available programs, as they are confirmed.

If you’re interested in helping to push for PACE in NJ or to shape policy, please join the Coalition for PACE in NJ.

If you have “shovel-ready” projects in New Jersey or elsewhere in the U.S. where PACE is not available, please contact us. We’re running a couple of demonstration programs with both impact investors and conventional lenders, one of which may suit your needs.

Update Tuesday, October 24, 2017: For more information, and to apply, please see

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  1. Hi Jonathan, Thank you for your time to discuss PACE in New Jersey. My contact information is listed below. Please add me to your distribution list for updates on PACE in New Jersey.



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