Day 4: Case Study — Fresno, CA: Figtree Financing Funds Industrial Facility Upgrades with PACE

FigtreeIndustrialSolarCaseTwo industrial buildings in Fresno, CA upgraded their outdated mechanical equipment using PACE financing. They received a 10 HP Air Compressor and a 60 Ton Chiller Replacement and were able to maintain their business operations without interruption.

A local contractor referred the property owner to Figtree PACE Financing, a program in California which currently has over 60 participating municipalities.

Along with reduced operating costs, the building owner was able to decrease his monthly energy bill by 15 percent! His satisfaction pushed him to make another building upgrade through Figtree Financing. Read more about these PACE-funded upgrades: 12.30.2013-Case-Study-11_-Figtree-Industrial-Rooftop-Solar

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