Missouri Clean Energy Funding

Local Governments in Missouri may provide access to unlimited capital for citizens and businesses within their community — at no cost and without liability to the sponsoring municipality.

The Missouri PACE Act authorizes a Clean Energy Development Board to provide access to unlimited funding for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects on private property.  –Formally, only public entities could benefit from municipal financing of such projects.  It is now available to any property owner.

PACE Related Publications:

Communities may request a presentation of the PACE program by representatives of MoCEF.  Please use the button below to arrange a presentation for your board, council or commission.

For further details, see http://www.mocefllc.com/index.php?p=1_27_Local-Government.




Program Operation

Local governments may provide funding for their constituents without the liability or budget burden of running a new program.

Helping property owners upgrade to high efficiency products provides both short term and long term benefits to the community. Jobs are created, property values rise and we all become more energy secure.


Eligible Projects Include:

  • Insulation and weatherization
  • Energy efficient windows & doors
  • Energy efficient HVAC systems
  • Automatic energy controls
  • Energy recovery systems
  • Energy efficient lighting systems
  • Renewable energy systems (solar, wind etc.)
  • Virtually any energy consuming/saving system



Missouri’s Regional Planning Commissions can provide coordination and assistance to local governments wishing to learn more about PACE and how funding for energy efficiency and renewal energy projects can benefit property owners.

The mission of Missouri’s Regional Planning Commissions is to increase communication, cooperation and coordination between its member governments in planning and developing policies and activities for the orderly development of the communities served.


PACE may be a perfect fit for this mission. Missouri RPCs have a unique ability to assist its member communities with PACE implementation and administration.

To have a detailed understanding of the operation of PACE as it is administered through a Clean Energy Development Board you will be interested in a review of the attached report entitled“Guide to Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Financing Districts For Local Governments.”


This report was funded by the Department of Energy and completed by the Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory – and is very informative.

See Resources Libraryfor access to documents and reference material related to the history, operating best practices and legal foundation of PACE in Missouri.

MoCEF has arranged for Missouri municipalities to offer the benefits of program access for little to no cost. This is unique to MoCEF’s Missouri program in that other programs offering similar services estimate costs well into six figures to implement such a program. This is unworkable for all but the largest and most affluent communities. MoCEF seeks to make PACE funding available to every Missourian.

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