MSEIA Becomes Key Industry Sponsor of New Jersey PACE

MSEIA is a solar energy trade and advocacy organization representing New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

New Jersey PACE is pleased to have MSEIA (Mid Atlantic Solar Energy Industry Association) as our first industry sponsor. As a critical source of information for its members, MSEIA will help spread the word about the breakthrough financing NJPACE makes available for renewable energy projects in New Jersey. MSEIA’s members stand to dramatically expand the number of projects that qualify for financing, a key issue in the renewable energy world.

MSEIA is the voice of the solar industry in New Jersey, Pennsylania, and Delaware, and has been a key advocate for more than 15 years. Currently it is hosting the New Jersey for Renewable Energy and Efficiency (NJFREE) initiative, supporting legislation to make New Jersey 80% renewable in electricity by 2050, along with a reduction of usage of 30% over 2012 levels, by that same date. The bill, sponsored by Senator Bob Smith, is called the Renewable Energy Transition Act.

MSEIA’s projections of solar energy supply and demand are central to the monitoring of SREC prices in New Jersey, in order to avoid another crash based on success. With MSEIA’s help, the industry grew faster than anyone had forecast, and is now rebuilding its capacity as SREC prices have stabilized and gradually recovered to over $150.

About MSEIA:
Established in 1997 by solar energy advocates, it is an historic and highly-effective membership organization that consists of solar developers, contractors, manufacturers, architects, engineers, consultants and other industry professionals.

In addition to policy advocacy on the state and federal level, MSEIA works with local governments to encourage and aid in the development and rapid adoption of solar installations. The result is a new renewable energy economy which fosters green jobs and decreases the use of fossil fuels.

MSEIA is an IRS approved 501 C-6 non-profit organization and is a regional affiliate of the national Solar Energy Industries Association.

We at New Jersey PACE urge you to join MSEIA.

Whether you are a solar energy manufacturer, dealer, distributor, contractor, installer, architect, consultant, marketer, MSEIA membership will provide you with critical information, advocacy, education, and networking opportunities that will grow your business and ensure the long-term success of the solar industry.

New Jersey PACE provided a special presentation at MSEIA’s July 30 meeting:

— which was overwhelmingly supported by the Association’s members.

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